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6 Easy Musical Instruments to Learn in 2022

Wondering which are easy musical instruments to begin learning, this guide is for you. If you are planning to learn music then do not put your plan aside because 2022 is the best time for you to complete your long time goal which you kept postponing. Take advantage of this luxurious time and personal space the year has gifted you. This may never return as we all know, life is unpredictable but no matter what with music life becomes wonderful.

Music heightens our emotions. During happy times it makes us happier and in difficult times it relieves our tension. It connects us with the unknown. To conclude music is good in all situations and we at Mississauga Piano Studios offer just that. But everyone does not like the same type of music. Some connect with the strings of the guitar and some with the keys of the piano and so on. However, there are some musical instruments that are easy to learn.

Here are Six Easy Musical Instruments You Can Learn

1. Ukulele:

learn to play Ukulele

The first instrument that comes to mind is the Ukulele, small guitar, to name it. Among all musical instruments, it is pretty fun and easy to learn. This is due to the small size that makes it more manageable. For instance, it has less number of strings compared to the guitar which makes it easier to learn.

2. Drums:

learn to play drum

It is really fun to play the drums. It helps in burning your stress and it requires your physical energy. In this way, it is enjoyable for children who are full of energy or whose energy levels need to be channelized and for adults who want to burn their stress and calories.

3. Flute:

learn to play flute

Generally, it appears that the flute is the most difficult instrument to learn but it is not very difficult. Its difficulty level is medium. You will be able to learn it within a few weeks and produce decent notes once you begin flute lessons. Of course, it requires you to practice and have control over your breath but this should not put you off from learning it. You will gradually learn and begin to enjoy it.

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4. Piano:

learn to play piano

Everyone likes piano but they also know that it appears easy but it’s difficult to learn. However, they do not know that learning piano becomes easy once they learn to read notes. It teaches you the language of music.

5. Guitar:

learn to play guitar

Everyone thinks that the guitar is a cool instrument and music schools in Mississauga have the best professionals. There is no doubt, it is. But of course, it is not easy to learn until and unless you are serious about it. It will happen only when you put your passion into it then definitely things will become easy. Remember nothing comes easy. Once you start giving time for guitar lessons then you will reap the benefits of it.

6. Violin:

It is difficult to learn but remember there are no free lunches. Learning requires effort once you begin to put your effort into learning then it becomes easy. One more significant point is before beginning to learn any musical instrument there is no harm in having some basic theoretical knowledge about it.

This will help you to understand the language of music and how instruments work. With the help of an experienced music instructor for violin lessons, you will enjoy the theoretical class and gain confidence but the point is to correlate it with the instrument.

learn to play violin

This knowledge will build your confidence in learning and perhaps you will be hungry for more. But remember, it is always on the individual how much time he/she is going to devote to practice it. It is also said that for a person piano might be difficult but for the same person learning guitar might be easy.


So, there is nothing like easy or difficult. It all depends on you and more importantly finding the right music instructor and guidance. With the right instructor, life becomes easy, enjoyable and you will shine. Thus, go for any instrument that you like with the right music instructor throughout MississaugaOakvilleMiltonEtobicokeBrampton & Toronto and surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered!

Then what are you waiting for? Go and grab your musical instrument and connect with the right music instructor at Mississauga Piano Studios who will help you to unravel your inner musician and take you to the path of your musical journey. With the best in town and the experts with years of experience who will make your learning easy and fun connect.

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