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Guitar Lessons

Guitar’s string tune aligns mind, soul, and heart. Guitar instrumental music is beginner-friendly, highly portable, and easier to make music on. Mississauga Piano Studios offers Guitar lessons virtual, in-house lessons at surprising fees at a time of your choosing. Our experts are qualified to teach Guitar for any age, making sure you reach your musical repertoire and unleash your musical talent.

Guitar Lessons Mississauga and Surrounding GTA

Mellifluous guitar instrumental music is easy to learn with its consistent patterns, and even easier to make music on once you master it. Beginners guitar lessons in Mississauga offer music sessions at our various studio locations or online via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom. Guitar teacher in Mississauga offers one-to-one classes or with the whole class.

Shakespeare said correctly, “If music be the food of love, play on!” At Mississauga Piano Studios, we offers Guitar lessons for beginner to adults, and upcoming musicians to unearth their hidden musical talent to express themselves. Our music instructors know well how-to bring out your musical talent, and teach even the most difficult students. Our Guitar teachers offer virtual lessons, private and in-studio lessons in various location near you.

One-Stop Solution for Learning Guitar

Our guitar teacher near you ticks all the necessary boxes. Our teachers’ variations of teaching are:

  • For beginners, we teach the physicality of playing the guitar leaving the artistic musical principles for a while.
  • In the case of a noob, we try to get them enthusiastic about the instrument by teaching them to change chords with the left hand, & strumming the chords at the right time with right-hand fingers to create the right tune.
  •  We teach through a basic CAGED guitar system for beginners.
  • After the mastery of basic skills, we teach pop, jazz, contemporary songs on guitar. We encourage students to make music on their own.
  • We offer both acoustic and electric guitar rhythm and lead courses. Guitar teacher in Mississauga prepares you for your solo career or career in a band.
  • We offer classes at very nominal fees. We offer classes any day of the week at your chosen location.

Improve Your Guitar Playing with a Personal Mentor

We have a guitar teacher in Mississauga who makes things fun and easy for you to learn and get accustomed to. We provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice and also showcase their musical talents through our regular concerts and shows.

Our teacher also suggests that you practice in the same manner at home to reach the musical echelons of your ability. Our teachers encourage teens, kids, or even adults to go as far as they want with advanced music theory, lead soloing techniques. With our help, kids or teens can play pop songs in the very first session.

Kids, pre-teens, and teens need music in their life to survive and express themselves. Music lets you explore imagination and creativity, which in turn activates intellect. Music establishes an emotional outlet. Certain chords, scales, and harmonies are known to acclimate to certain human emotions. Improving students’ stress and anxiety, music develops social and language learning skills. It’s truly said that music is the language of the world.

Why Wait? Book your first FREE guitar lesson with us. Our working cities are Mississauga East, West, North, Central, and South, Oakville Central and West, Milton, Malton, Toronto, and Burlington. If you like the way we teach, join private sessions, in-studio classes, or virtual classes. Let’s start learning to strum!

We also offer private music lessons in:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Saxophone
  • Cello
  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Guitar
  • Flute
  • Keyboard
  • Music Theory

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    Group lessons are also available!


    We have some of the very best prices that the GTA has to offer! We care about your budget and will always strive to make violin lessons affordable for everyone.


    Music lessons are available 7 days a week, subject to the availability of our music instructors. If you request it, we will strive our best to make it happen!

    Our Locations

    Main Facility

    Royal Conservatory of Music Examination Facility: 
    3075 Ridgeway Drive unit # 19, Mississauga 
    (Ridgeway & Dundas) 
    – All Instruments

    Mississauga West

    • Winston Churchill & Eglinton – All Instruments
    • Winston Churchill & Britannia (Piano)
    • Thomas & EMP (Piano)
    • Thomas & 9th Line (Piano)
    • Britannia & 10th Line (Piano)
    • Winston Churchill & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)

    Mississauga Central

    • Mavis & Dundas (Piano & Trumpet)
    • Mavis & Paisley (Vocals)
    • Confederation & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)
    • Eglinton & Creditview (Piano & Guitar)
    • Eglinton & Mavis (Piano & Violin)
    • Terry Fox & Bristol (Violin)
    • Mavis & Bristol (Drums)
    • Burnhamthorpe & The Credit Woodlands (Flute)
    • Hurontario & Eglinton (Piano)

    Mississauga North

    • Derry & Mavis (Guitar)
    • Derry & Mavis (Piano)

    Mississauga South

    • Clarkson & Truscott (Piano)
    • Mississauga Road & Dundas (Piano)

    Mississauga East

    • Tomken & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)
    • Dixie & QEW (Piano & Voice)
    • Dixie & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)

    Oakville Central

    • Dundas & 8th Line
    • Winston Churchill & Sheridan Garden (Piano)
    • Upper Middle & 3rd Line (Piano)

    Oakville West

    • Dundas & 3rd Line (Guitar)


    • Piano


    • Hurontario & Mayfield (Piano)
    • Creditview & Steeles (Piano)
    • Queen & Mississauga Road (Piano & Vocals)
    • Chinguacousy & Sandalwood (Violin)


    • Piano & Guitar


    • Piano & Vocals


    • Piano
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