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The MPS Family of Teachers has grown to 125 teachers this year. We are continuously seeking out enthusiastic individuals who love teaching, to be a part of this dynamic and robust teaching community, where everyone is family.

If you are enthusiastic, love teaching kids and would enjoy a huge supportive group, you are perfect for our MPS Family of Teachers!

Here are just 25 of our 125 MPS Team members:

Ms. Melodie, 20 years at MPS (Since 1998)

“Melodie is an amazing teacher. She is so super talented, that you could put ANY piece in front of her (no matter what level it is, even if it is an ARCT piece) and she will SIGHT-read it for you with no trouble at all. WHAT!”

Student, 13 years old

Ms. Vanna, 18 years at MPS (Since 2000)

“I’ve grown in my music for over 10 years with Ms. Vanna. She has taught me so much, and I have accomplished more than I could imagine. Thanks Vanna.”

Justin, RCM level 9, age 17

Ms. Karen H. 16 years at MPS (Since 2002)

“Ms. Karen is so nice to me. She always smiles and is patient, even when I make mistakes. She helps me a lot. I received high marks on my RCM exam!”

Lucienne, RCM level 5, age 9

Ms. Kim, 15 years at MPS (Since 2003)

“Mrs. Kim is a little bit strict, but she encourages me to be the best I can be. Since she has been teaching for over 30 years, I thought that she would be tired of teaching. But she seems to love it and always gives me extra time during my lesson!”

Student, 14 years old

Ms. Karen M. 15 years at MPS (Since 2003)

“I thought Miss Karen would be strict with me, with her ARCT and all, and teaching for so long.”

Student, 12 years old

“She teaches me to beautify my songs, and not just work on technical stuff. She makes me a better musician.”

Gowreka, level 8 RCM, age 17

Ms. Sherry, 14 years at MPS (Since 2004)

“Ms. Sherry may have her music degree, but she is very down-to-earth, kind and generous. She is a good balance of strict and funny, and probably one of the most generous people I have ever met. I even received Chinese red packet (of money) during Chinese New Year!!”

Yi, RCM level 6, age 13

Ms. Akua, 12 years at MPS (Since 2006)

“Ms. Akua has a dynamite voice, and she brings out the best voice in me. I can always count on learning the most to-the-moment songs. Love my lessons.”

Student, age 17

Ms. Karen T., 11 years at MPS (Since 2007)

“Ms. Karen has a bubbly personality. She is such a joyful teacher. She always makes me laugh; makes me want to love music more and more. She is understanding, and easy to talk to.”

Mia, RCM level 6, age 14

“I am very glad to be one of her students. She is very nice, and very good at teaching. She’s a very positive person, even when she points out my mistakes.”

Melissa, RCM level 3, age 12

Ms. Sheila 10 years at MPS (Since 2008)

“What can I say? Ms. Sheila is both a high school music teacher and my piano teacher. I got the best of both worlds. She makes me smile because she is so nice.”

Student, 12 years old

“Ms. Sheila is a knowledgable teacher who has been extremely patient, encouraging and kind with my sometimes timid children. She has helped my children develop a love of music and great confidence in their own musical abilities.”

The Lorenti Family

Ms. Vineeta, 10 years at MPS (Since 2008)

“Miss Vineeta really inspires me to the best pianist that I can be. She is really supportive and teaches me with a lot of passion and patience. I really look forward to going to Miss Vineeta’s lessons.”

Kanush, RCM level 1, 11 years old

Mr. Alex 10 years at MPS (Since 2008)

“Mr. Alex can be a little bit strict because he teaches with so much passion, but it’s because he wants me to challenge myself, to be the very best I can be in my exams. He is a great teacher.”

Student, 17 years old

Ms. Jennifer 8 years at MPS (Since 2010)

” Ms. Jennifer cares a lot about me and always wants me to do my best. I really like Ms. Jennifer.”

Student, 11 years old

Ms. Lisa, 8 years at MPS (Since 2010)

“Wow! Miss Lisa is SO sweet, SO kind, such an angel teacher. I wish she could come and live with us at our house so she can teach me piano all the time.”

Student, 10 years old

Ms. Christie, 8 years at MPS (Since 2010)

“Her teacher, Ms. Christie has been wonderful in drawing Trisha out of her shell.”


Ms. Daniela,7 years at MPS (Since 2011)

“I LOVE Miss Daniela. She is a dynamite teacher who teaches with loads of joy. I have been learning with her for so long, and I plan to never ever ever stop.”

Student, 10 years old

Ms. Carla, 7 years at MPS (Since 2011)

“Ms. Carla is so kind and fun. Her voice is so friendly and joyful. She makes me want to be a better piano student because of her encouragement. She makes me SO HAPPY. We love you Ms. Carla.”

Student, 12 years old

Ms. Jacquelyn, 6 years at MPS (Since 2012)

“Our daughter, Sophia, was insistent on Miss Jacquelyn. Even after meeting three different teachers, Miss Jacquelyn was on her mind the whole time. It was a wonderful decision. Sophia is playing level 4 RCM pieces.”

Vivian, mother of Sophia, age 6.

Ms. Jasmine, 6 years at MPS (Since 2012)

“Parents have told me that Ms. Jasmine makes her students feel like family.This great rapport enables student and teacher to learn together with tremendous joy.”

Director Karyn Fong

Ms. Maria, 5 years at MPS (Since 2013)

“Fabulous rapport with the children.”


Ms. Krizia, 5 years at MPS (Since 2013)

“In the four years that we’ve had Ms. Krizia as our teacher, she has been nothing short of exceptional. She goes beyond the usual lesson time by checking up on us during the week to ask if the girls are practicing. Ms. Krizia is very punctual, dedicated, and amazing. We are really so happy.”

The Hettigama Family

Mr. Brian, 4 years at MPS (Since 2014)

“Brian is a dedicated and energetic guitar teacher. His lessons are a great combination of excitement and valuable learning.”

Director Karyn Fong

Ms. Gigi, 3 years at MPS (Since 2015)

Her students say:” Ms. Gigi is my amazing violin teacher. She is so talented. Have you ever heard her play? You will see her talent too.”

Student, 10 years old

Ms. Liza, 3 years at MPS (Since 2015)

“She is a very kind, dedicated teacher.”

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Mr. R.K., 3 years at MPS (Since 2015)

“Excellent Classical Guitarist and specialist teacher.”


Mr. David, 3 years at MPS (Since 2015)

“Mr. David is a very talented, ARCT guy. He always gives me loads of theory homework, but I respect him. He teaches me really well, and demonstrates tricky parts of my songs.”

Student, age 12

Ms. Kenisha, 3 years at MPS (Since 2015)

“I love my teachers! Thank you for helping me learn to play the piano.”

Elina, age 6

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