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Vocal Lessons

“Those who wish to sing, always find a song”, a famous Swedish proverb sums up the need for songs to sustain in life. To sing in a professional manner, you need our professional vocal teachers. Mississauga Piano Studios, the best music school in Mississauga paving the way for upcoming singers to hone their musical gift by training them in both modern and classical ways to help them find the musical style which suits their voice best.

Vocal Lessons for Beginners

Our vocal instructor helps each kid or young artist to study voice to sustain their musical gift by including technical vocal exercises, music theory, rhythm exercises, repertoire, sight-reading, aural training, and compositions so that one can explore their musical range, creativity, styles.

For the best vocal lessons in Mississauga, we offer in-studio music lessons, private lessons, and online vocal lessons at your chosen time. Be it the weekend or weekdays, kids as young as 6 to adults enjoying their retired life, our vocal lessons Mississauga is for all at reasonable prices. You can start a free trial for singing lessons to check whether the instructor’s teaching style is suitable for your goals or not. Once you are satisfied with our vocal lessons, you can opt for private, in-studio, or online vocal lessons.

Our teaching approaches vary from student to student based on their individual goals, strength, and personality. We offer voice lessons for beginner to advanced singing classes in genres like R&B, Pop, Jazz, Opera, Classical, Contemporary, Music Theater, and Singer-songwriter. We provide certification for our classes such as the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Preparatory-ARCT, and Conservatory Canada (CC).

Mississauga Vocal Lessons for Kids and Adults

Some of the top benefits of vocal lessons for kids:

  • Vocal lessons help with faster brain development, better memory, and motor skills.
  • Due to the development of the left side of the brain, these lessons help with language skills as well.
  • Learn to shake their fear off and express their emotions the right way in social surroundings.
  • Children gain spatial intelligence such as math, computers, etc.
  • Create a better mental space for themselves by singing their emotions.

Benefits of adults:

  • Helps to improve brain and memory functions.
  • The voice instructor will make sure your posture is right so that breathing capacity is not limited and the vocal cords are not obstructed.
  • Helps to improve self-confidence to sing in front of a large audience.
  • Improves voice quality and overall health.

Best Vocal Lessons in Central Mississauga, ON

For vocal lessons near me, enroll for vocal lessons at Mississauga Piano Studios by our expert voice coaches who offer proper vocal exercises for beginners to let their voice shine and get the craft right.

Advanced adult singers with the help of Voice Lessons Mississauga, can learn to perfect their musical and songwriting skills while being confident in their singing style to relate to the audience.

We organize bi-annual concerts, musical programs for our students to showcase their musical potential to their families and the world; and even send them to various national musical concerts, competitions so that they get rid of their shyness and get the right exposure needed to kick start their career with the right music labels.

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Singing FAQs

We all start to sing ever since we started to pronounce words. But to sing better, we need the help of professional vocal teachers to strengthen our voices through warm-ups, proper breathing techniques, improving enunciation, pitch correction to sing our favourite tunes, and inculcate a passion for music while ensuring that we are using our voice range to the full potential without hurting our vocal cords.

Mississauga Piano Studios, the best music school in Mississauga suggests that children should start from the age of 6-8 years as they tend to pick up things fast while having fun.

Experience and expertise set apart our professional voice teachers. They approach each student differently, giving them music lessons based on their musical style, personality, strengths. They have wholesome knowledge in music theory, aural training, sight-reading, rhythm exercises, and all genres of music.

From basic to intermediate levels, it takes about six months to a year of consistent practice to learn singing as with other sports to develop muscle memory. It takes about three years to get the foundations of singing right, once you achieve this; you can become a professional singer.

For a child, one needs a class per week of 30-40 minutes. As a beginner, it’s better to start with two sessions per week of 20 minutes each. For an intermediate learner, meet your voice coach once a week to hone your skills, once you master them, opt for one lesson every two weeks. Every advanced singer should opt for music sessions every two months to keep their skills polished.

We also offer private music lessons in:

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    We have some of the very best prices that the GTA has to offer! We care about your budget and will always strive to make singing lessons affordable for everyone.


    Music lessons are available 7 days a week, subject to the availability of our music instructors. If you request it, we will strive our best to make it happen!

    Music Locations

    Main Facility

    Royal Conservatory of Music Examination Facility: 
    3075 Ridgeway Drive unit # 19, Mississauga 
    (Ridgeway & Dundas) 
    – All Instruments


    • Winston Churchill & Eglinton – All Instruments
    • Winston Churchill & Britannia (Piano)
    • Thomas & EMP (Piano)
    • Thomas & 9th Line (Piano)
    • Britannia & 10th Line (Piano)
    • Winston Churchill & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)


    • Mavis & Dundas (Piano & Trumpet)
    • Mavis & Paisley (Vocals)
    • Confederation & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)
    • Eglinton & Creditview (Piano & Guitar)
    • Eglinton & Mavis (Piano & Violin)
    • Terry Fox & Bristol (Violin)
    • Mavis & Bristol (Drums)
    • Burnhamthorpe & The Credit Woodlands (Flute)
    • Hurontario & Eglinton (Piano)


    • Derry & Mavis (Guitar)
    • Derry & Mavis (Piano)


    • Clarkson & Truscott (Piano)
    • Mississauga Road & Dundas (Piano)


    • Tomken & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)
    • Dixie & QEW (Piano & Voice)
    • Dixie & Burnhamthorpe (Piano)

    Oakville Central

    • Dundas & 8th Line
    • Winston Churchill & Sheridan Garden (Piano)
    • Upper Middle & 3rd Line (Piano)

    Oakville West

    • Dundas & 3rd Line (Guitar)


    • Piano


    • Hurontario & Mayfield (Piano)
    • Creditview & Steeles (Piano)
    • Queen & Mississauga Road (Piano & Vocals)
    • Chinguacousy & Sandalwood (Violin)


    • Piano & Guitar


    • Piano & Vocals


    • Piano
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