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Things You Should Learn at First Piano Lesson

Have you finally decided to take piano lessons Milton? Learning the piano is a real musical journey – it involves a lot of ups and downs. However, once you begin, there is no looking back. The piano is such an instrument that will keep you hooked to its tunes and melodies. Apart from that, it also has a lot of benefits that children can get when they start learning the piano.

You can find a piano teacher near you and start learning the next day. The first lessons should be extremely exciting and adventurous for you. Just understanding the piano can make it worth your time. You are going to learn how to play the most popular songs and even create something of your own. Learning the piano is a skill that can take you to places.

In this article, we will focus on a few things that you should learn at your first piano lesson. We are highlighting these things to ensure that you can understand your piano instructor Milton, in a much better manner. Our focus is to help you maintain that interest in the next lessons so that you do not get bored playing one of the best musical instruments ever. 

Things you should learn at the first piano lesson

It’s a challenge for both the piano instructor and the student to begin the first lesson. The teacher would want to leave a good first impression while you would want to be seen as a quick learner. To simplify this, your first piano lessons should be something balanced. Here’s what you should be learning in your first class –

1. Understanding the piano

Most teachers often skip this step. Understanding the piano is really important. You can take your own keyboard and learn about the different functionalities and features. You need to understand the different keys if you are an absolute beginner. You need to understand the different types of piano so that when you advance, you know which one to get.

2. Basic musical concepts

When you find a piano teacher, ask them to teach you the basic musical concepts as well, even if you know them. Learn about the rhythms, steady beats, melody, high/low notes, and everything else. Learning from a professional is highly distinct from learning things yourself. You will gain a new perspective on the different tones of the keyboard as well.

3. Playing techniques

The next thing to learn is the right playing technique. While taking piano lessons your first class should teach you about the correct hand posture, finger curving, correct sitting stance, wrist placement, and more. The teacher should ensure that you have a good hold of the piano before moving on to the advanced stages in the next few days.

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4. Simple rhythms

You will not learn any songs in your first piano class. That day, the core focus should be to understand the simple rhythms of the instrument. You can ask about the different notes that are on the piano. Playing the basic tones and honing your skills in them is crucial before you begin learning how to play songs on the keyboard.

5. Assignments

This is one of the best things that you should do after your first piano class. Take home the assignment that your teacher has given. Generally, they will give you an assignment book with rhythms. Practice as much as you can because it will help you develop your skills in a short period of time. Assignments are also a great way to stay consistent with your practice. 

Learning the piano is an exciting endeavour. Make sure that your ask any questions you have from your piano instructor, to make the most out of your first day of learning.

wp_misspianoThings You Should Learn at First Piano Lesson

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