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Music Theory

20th Anniversary Message from the Director

From its humble beginnings in 1998 as a young school with just three teachers, Melanie and Melodie Austria, my students and I, began teaching. Melanie is now married with a young son, and Melodie, with a young son as well — still teaches at Mississauga Piano Studios after 20 years!

My vision has always been to really see each invidual child for who they are, to help plant the seeds of the love of music, and see their love of music nourished through the years. When Melanie and Melodie first started piano with me in 1988, their mother, Aurea, complained that they wouldn’t stop practicing — and that she couldn’t have any peace and quiet. Thinking it was a phase, this continued for another 10 years, and beyond… what a joy it is for me to see them play the piano today.

This same nourishment is afforded to you today.
I have, and always will be here for your child on their musical journey.

With my heartfelt thanks to all who have journeyed with us, and never doubted my vision over the last 20 years. YOU ARE THE REASON we do what we do.
Here’s to another 20 years together!

With my gratitude,

Karyn Fong

Message from the Associate Director

It has been a wonderful privilege growing up with so much music around me. Watching my mother train groups of 7-10 teachers on Fridays has been a regular occurence. These live, hands-on trainings were personalized to each individual teacher. While I did my homework, I would eavesdrop on her tips and techniques from afar and try to begin to understand the rhyme and reason as to why she would do this. Afterall, wouldn’t teachers who have had taken piano lessons for years already understand how to teach?

Over the years, I came to see that it was because she truly treasured each student. She felt each teacher could master a method to really help each individual child cultivate that real and lifelong love for music – and believed this could be attained from an early age. She did this – because she believed that in each teacher and in each child, there was a certain greatness to be achieved.

Having attained my B.Mus from the University of Toronto, and having studied with esteemed professors such as Dr. Thomas Green and Ms. Lynda Metelsky, I have further gleaned more ways to incorporate what I had gathered through the years, along with exceptional and exemplary pedagogical techniques learned through my mentors.

As a fourth generation teacher, I know that truly exceptional teaching can only come from the heart. I can see that the love and passion for music is always swirling around us here all the time, touching each and every student we have the privilege of teaching. I know with certainty that your love of music will surely grow as you learn. I warmly invite you to journey with us.

With my kindest regards,

Jacquelyn Fong

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