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Best Tips for Learning Flute the Right Way

Like all the other instruments, learning to play the flute requires determination, practice, and trust in your abilities. Before you begin to learn the flute, it is important to determine whether you would learn it on your own or find somebody to help you with it. Both alternatives have their advantages, but it is better to learn from an expert to know the right techniques. Flute playing requires breath control and correct posture.

Mentioned below are some steps you can follow to learn to play the flute as a beginner.

Proper Posture

It is important to know the correct posture to play comfortably. Allow your fingers to curve gently over the top of the keys with the least amount of pressure. Do not put your whole fingertip on the key but just think of your fingertips as an extension of your hand. Once you start playing, relax your shoulders and elbows not to tire them out quickly.

Learn Your Notes Quickly

Learning flute notes for beginners can be very overwhelming. Take them one by one and do not forget to revise as you move forward. You can try to learn them in a logical order to memorize them faster. In the beginning, learning A, B flat, and then C can be a good option. You can download the practice sheets from the internet to strengthen your memory. Buying a beginner’s handbook to facilitate your learning is also a good choice.

Get Your Flute Repaired

It often happens that the beginners use a hand me down or old flute, which is in desperate need of repair. It is unable to produce a proper sound which then misleads the player into learning the wrong techniques. It is hence highly advisable to get a new flute or repair the one you already have immediately.

Know How to Assemble Your Flute

When you purchase a new flute, you will have to put it together. The flute has three pieces, the head – joint, the body – joint and the foot – joint. Gently put all the parts together, and do not unnecessarily twist or turn them as this might damage the parts.

Do Mouth Exercises

Flute playing requires good breathing techniques and a strong mouth. Do some exercises regularly to strengthen your techniques. For example, practice saying ‘twenty turtles’ several times at once to become natural at flute playing eventually.

Study Music Theory

Flute playing is not just about practical but theoretical learning as well. Studying music theory will give you a clearer perspective and will allow you to read the notes more easily while you are playing. The more you read, the better natural your playing will become.

Find a Flute Teacher

Professional instructional help can be very beneficial for you when you are trying to learn how to play the flute. Ask friends and family to refer you to a good flute teacher or the google option of ‘music school for flute lessons near me’ can always come in handy. With an instructor, you can ask questions repeatedly about the things you are confused about.

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